Mega888 APK: How To Know It Is Safe Or Not

We all know that Google Play Store and App Store are the go-to places of people who want to download and install game applications. However, not all games can be found here, that is why some are frustrated most especially that is the fastest way to download. Another fact is that the android and IOS version do not meet the gambling application requirements so what they do is to provide people apk files if they wish to have the application downloaded on their devices. There are ways on how to check if the apk files are safe.

Mega888: Things to avoid

  • Scan the apk files
  • Check the hash

Scan the apk files

Virus Total and NVisoApkScan are the reliable websites that you can visit to upload and scan the files. These two websites can help you check in the fastest way if the apk files you have are safe and do not have any issue. If you are going to download the 918kissĀ apk download, you can expect to be given detailed reports about it. The only difference about the two is that Virus Total requires files that are under 128MB, whereas NVisoApkScan has no file size limit. These two sites are usually recommended because they have proven to work quickly and effectively.

Check the hash

If you are not satisfied with scanning, you can do the checking of the hash. There is this called SHA or the Secure Hash Algorithm that is used to hash data and other files that go with it. Now, what you need to do is to compare the SHA that is found on the game application and on the apk file. If these two match, then it just means that the file is safe.

Passing all these methods, you can be assured that the apk files you are downloading are well-secured. Thus, you can play the online casino and slot machine with no issue.

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